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Killing pathogens is challenging. Treatments can create environments that delay healing. Even simple treatments can be financially beyond the reach of millions of people. Destruction of biofilms is equally challenging. Current disinfection methods/products never eradicate them 100% from the surface or tissue where they exist, and they can exist on everything, everyone, every animal and every plant.

Our Revolutionary Solution = Molecular Iodine (I2)

Molecular Iodine is a broad-spectrum biocide. It kills pathogens at an efficiency greater than 99.999% and helps promote rapid healing. I2PURE elite chemistry isolates molecular iodine (I2) creating a non-staining and non-toxic biocidal ingredient.
  • Molecular Iodine (I2) can destroy or inactivate pathogens and biofilms.
  • Molecular Iodine leaves healthy tissue intact and removes remnants of biofilms left behind on surfaces and tissue.
  • As an ingredient, Molecular Iodine can be included in a wide range of affordable products, making effective treatments accessible to millions - especially the poorest among us.
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Unlimited Uses Against Microbes


Biofilms form on surfaces of liquid, solids, and living tissue. An estimated 65%-80% of all infections are caused by biofilm forming microbes. I2PURE formulations safely destroy biofilms on surfaces and living tissue.

Viruses, Bacteria And Fungi

I2PURE formulations are created in easy-to-use consumer applications to treat a variety of skin conditions and helps to prevent infection in people and animals.

Surgical Use

I2PURE formulations do not have the limits found in PVP-I. They provide greater antiseptic capabilities and are a superior choice for procedures requiring multiple antiseptic applications.

Nasal Decolonization Swabs are now FDA approved!

FEI (FDA Drug Establishment Identifier) Number :  3027286038

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How I2 Works

I2Pure/I2 Strategic Solutions compositions present a different approach to pathogen destruction:
  • When applied to the skin, I2Pure/I2 Strategic Solutions I2-glycerin composition penetrates to the fatty layers within the dermis/hypodermis instead of being deposited only on the skin surface.
  • This results in a larger amount of I2 being present than would be from an aqueous iodine disinfectant applied on the surface of epidermal tissue (a higher I2/cm2 ratio).
  • The lipid environment of the hypodermis stabilizes the I2 and becomes an I2 repository.
  • The I2 slowly diffuses out of the lipid environment (out-gassing) in all directions, including out of the epidermal tissue over the course of hours.
  • The I2 gas destroys viruses, bacteria and fungi that come in contact with it, in, on, and above the skin.
I2Pure molecular iodine chemistry paves the way for a natural anti-microbial that is stored within the skin and released over time to kill pathogens in three dimensions (in, on and above skin). Pathogens have no known defense and no where to hide from the multi-dimensional disinfectant that is molecular iodine.
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Molecular Iodine Vs. Povidone Iodine

Povidone Iodine is a wide-ranging antiseptic used externally to help cure wound infection. It can be used to treat small wounds, blisters, scratches, and sores in first assistance. PVP-I has found widespread use in pharmaceuticals as a surgical exfoliator; for pre and post-operative skin detoxification; for the prevention and treatment of infections in injuries, lesions, cuts, and scalds; for the treatment of various diseases in chronic ulcers and mild ulcers; and in gynecology for vaginitis caused by candidal, trichomonal, or blended infections. PVP-I has been developed in concentrations ranging from 7.4-9.9 percent in solution, spray, surgeries exfoliator, lotion, and swab dosage forms for these reasons; however, while 10 percent povidone-iodine is suggested, it is rarely used because it is inadequately acknowledged by medical workers and is obnoxiously slow to dry.

Povidone Iodine contains many different iodine species that stain skin and cause toxicity which limits how PVP-I can be used. PVP-I includes 3-5 ppm Molecular Iodine (I2) which is responsible for all of the biocidal activity of PVP-I:
  • Stains skin
  • Slow to dry
  • Acidic
  • Toxicity caused by the iodine species that do not contribute antiseptic activity, i.e.non-I2 iodine species.
The only active pathogen killing species of iodine is molecular iodine. In PVP-I there are 10,000 parts per million of total iodine species BUT only 1 to 8 parts per million of the active molecular iodine. To put that into context, I2Pure has dosed 15,000 parts per million of molecular iodine in human skin and demonstrated no toxicity. That is nearly 3,000 times the concentration and killing power used today.

Molecular Iodine:
  • Contains no other iodine species
  • Viruses, bacteria and fungi have no resistance to molecular iodine
  • Persistent for 12-24 hours on the skin
  • Non-staining
  • Limited to no toxicity

Patents & FDA Status

Patents Status

Owned, filled, and filed.

US FDA Approval

Pending for 2023 for wound irrigation systems,surgical skin prep., and dermal regeneration pads.

Regulatory International Approvals

Pending for seven (7) are anticipated for award between 2023 and 2024.

Internationally Based Human Clinical Trials

Scheduled to begin in June of 2023. This trial is for the impact of molecular iodine on chronic wounds.
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